Storage Systems USA is a leading provider of high-performance and superior-quality shelving systems that optimize your storage space. We offer a wide selection of products designed for maximum flexibility and capacity, allowing you to store valuable items easily.

Our industrial shelving systems are built with efficiency and durability in mind, utilizing advanced engineering techniques and technologies to bring you the best possible solutions for all your storage needs.

Grow Your Business with Our Industrial Storage Solutions

We have partnered with pioneers in storage and shelving systems, ensuring we deliver the highest quality for all business environments. From warehouses to agricultural applications, we have the products you deserve.

Here’s why our storage solutions are superior and stand out:

  • Optimize your existing space
  • Enhance storage methods
  • Think about your future expansion
  • Address any storage challenges
  • Comprehensive line of solutions

Our Complete Range of Storage Solutions

Cut back on potential construction costs while maximizing your current space. Being organized is essential; our storage systems can help you get there. Browse our industrial storage solutions today to discover the right fit for your business needs. 

High Density Mobile Storage Systems

High density shelving systems by Montel are flexible. It can be easily reconfigured to adapt to growing demands, ensuring your storage isn’t compromised. Its versatility and efficiency allow you to make storage anywhere without wasting space.

Selection of High Density Mobile Storage Systems:

  • Mobilex® High Density Mobile System: Mobilex is created to keep up with your changing storage needs. Available in mechanical and electrical mechanisms, depending on your situation.
  • SafeAisle® High Density Mobile System: Reduce property damage and personal injury with SafeAisle. Its LED Guard Technology™ is equipped with detection cameras with 100% coverage of the entire open aisle floor surface.
  • SAFERAK® Industrial Powered Racking: Increase your efficiency and optimization with SAFERAK. It’s a powered mobile pallet racking system for industrial environments, which can increase space by up to 50%.
  • RACK&ROLL® High Density Mobile System: RACK&ROLL is one of the best mobile warehouse storage systems explicitly developed for warehouses. It can free up over 50% by compacting your racking and reducing wasteful space.
  • SmartSpace® High Density Mobile System: Ideal for light-duty applications, SmartSpace is more practical and cost-effective. It is designed to accommodate Montel shelving systems and can optimize your space and cut storage costs.

Vertical Carousels & Lean Lifts

The Hanel Vertical Lean-Lift system is specially designed for storage and goods protection. An extractor can access all storage locations, bringing stored items to the retrieval zone within seconds.

Selection of Vertical Carousels & Lean Lifts:

  • Hanel Lean-Lift® Industrial Vertical Lift: Uses available room height for optimal space saving. Equipped with Hänel microprocessor controllers, providing updated inventory at all times. The Hänel EcoDrive is a unique feature for energy efficiency.
  • Hanel Rotomat® Industrial Vertical Carousel: Ideal for industrial settings and uses available room height, saving expensive warehouse space. Automatically brings required items to the right retrieval height.
  • Hanel Rotomat® Office Vertical Carousel: More compact design makes it ideal for office use. The Hänel EcoMode® feature offers energy savings by reducing energy consumption by changing its standby modes.

Museum Storage & Art Racks

Store your priceless artifacts with our Museum Storage & Art Racks. Our range of museum storage systems has been designed to provide the best preservation measures for your valuable collection.

Selection of Museum Storage & Art Racks:

  • ModulArt Storage Panels Kit: This modular and movable storage is ideal for small collections. It’s freestanding and occupies a 3 x 3 x 3 meters cubic area, with six retractable and double-sided panels. Users get about 576 square feet of free-hanging surface for storage.
  • Pull-Out Art Rack: Choose between Ceiling-Suspended or Floor-Mounted Art Rack formats, Pull-Out Art Racks are double-sided and can accommodate artworks of various weights and sizes. Its slide-out feature allows you to access your paintings at all times.
  • Mobile Storage Panel Systems: Equipped with vertical double-sided panels on a rolling carriage, the Mobile Storage Panel System can handle artwork and other items effectively. The panels can accommodate objects of different weights and sizes with a sliding rack feature.
  • Textile & Artifact Storage: Conserve large rolls of textiles with the cantilever shelving system. Meanwhile, opt for the specimen and artifact cabinets to preserve flat objects.

Law Enforcement & Police Lockers

Our range of industrial storage lockers for Law Enforcement and Police are developed to provide secure storage and retrieval of weapons, ammunition, equipment, and personal items. These are the perfect solution for Law Enforcement offices and high-risk institutions.

Selection of Law Enforcement & Police Lockers: 

  • Evidence Lockers: Choose between Non-Pass Thru, Pass-Thru, and Refrigerated evidence lockers. These are customizable with 38 configurations, pass-back locking options, and multiple locking options.
  • Wardrobe & Personnel Lockers: Wardrobe lockers have 12 storage components with 14 and 16-gauge steel. Personnel lockers are cost-effective and have six standard storage components, utilizing a bayonet latching system.
  • Wall Mounted Pistol Lockers: Primarily used in public safety spaces, such as police stations. It can be surface or recess mounted with 1-10 door units available. Choose between Light Gauge or Heavy Gauge Sidearm Lockers. 
  • Duty Bag Lockers: Applicable for large duty bag and tactical equipment storage applications.
  • Weapons Rack: Designed by Tiffin, these Firearms & Armory Racks can be modified to securely store M4, M9, M16A2, M870, AR series weapons, and more.
  • Visitor Lockers: Found in law enforcement facilities and government institutions, visitors’ lockers can store personal items.

Industrial Storage Shelving

Accessible, versatile, easy to assemble, and quickly expanded based on your growing needs – our industrial shelving systems are designed to deliver success to your business.

Selection of Industrial Storage Shelving:

  • SmartShelf® 4-Post Hybrid Shelving: This open-ended shelving concept can be configured in many ways, providing endless storage possibilities.
  • Aetnastak® Cantilever Shelving: We offer cutting-edge library shelving systems that can be reconfigured to adapt to your growing collection of books.
  • Hybria® 4-Post Shelving: This four-post hybrid system is an intelligent two-for-one storage solution with the sleek appeal of Aetnastak and the broad storage capabilities of SmartShelf.
  • 4D Wide Span Racking: This long-span, four-post storage system is ideally used to house wide items that don’t fit on a regular storage system.
  • High-Bay Shelving Off-Site Storage: High-Bay shelving provides safety and security to private and public institutions. These are well-suited for National, State, and Provincial archives, book collections, and public records.

High Density Cultivation Systems

For greenhouses and indoor farms that employ hydroponic or vertical farming systems, Storage Systems USA offers High Density Cultivation Systems by Montel. These are designed to store and preserve your plants while maximizing profits and doubling your growing capacity.

GREENRAK™ Mechanical-Assist Mobile Vertical Grow Rack System

GREENRAK™ is designed for indoor setup that utilizes SafeCrank™, a mechanical-assist handle for easy operation. It’s rust-resistant, lightweight, and safe. Simply press the aisle safety push button to lock the systems in place.

GROW&ROLL™ 8MA/8P Heavy-Duty Mechanical-Assist Mobile Vertical Grow Rack System

GROW&ROLL™ is compatible with GREENRAK™. This heavy-duty rack system can accommodate up to 8,000 lbs per bay. It also employs the SafeCrank™ technology for easy and efficient access to plants.

Optimize Your Storage with Functional Industrial Storage Solutions

Our partners are expert engineers and designers who meticulously crafted the wide range of storage and shelving systems we offer. To experience and interact with our products, visit our 12,500-square-foot Showroom and Design Resource Center today.

Otherwise, our customer service team is also ready to help you find the perfect storage solutions for your business. Contact us today at 800-698-8990 or 908-454-8990. Let’s get started and solve all your storage challenges!