Storage Systems USA offers a wide range of products for all your storage needs as well as hands-on service you may require. Whether you are you planning a new construction, reorganizing an existing space or just need to purchase shelving, our support staff is ready to help from the design to installation. Our in-house installation team also provide services for disassemble and relocations of existing systems.

Storage Systems USA will prepare detailed shop drawing with on-site verification of measurements. Our installation personnel, who are factory trained and certified, will provide the proper installation and assure quality and customer satisfaction once product is received into our warehouse. Throughout the installation process, our Installation Manager will be available for any questions in regards to product, installations and scheduling.

All storage systems installed by Storage Systems USA, will be inspected within six months after date of installation to verify proper use by our Service Team. Our service department also offers additional Preventative Maintenance and Extended Service Contracts for the longevity of the storage systems.

Project Management

With Storage Systems USA by your side, your worries are over! We handle every aspect of the project, from the initial analysis of your space all the way to certified installation and follow-up. Our highly qualified Project Managers will be in contact with you during every step of the process to ensure that your needs are met.

Cost Analysis

Rely on Storage Systems USA’s years of experience to get you the most for your money. Our thorough cost analysis will reveal how to:
– Get more from your existing space
– Enhancing your current storage methods
– Reduce operations time
– Plan for expansion
– Save on construction costs

Design Consulting

Furniture itself cannot make your business more productive or profitable. The key is in the design. Together with Storage Systems USA, we will discuss design possibilities in terms of products, services, layout, function, workflow, scheduling, and budget. By working through these critical design issues, we help ensure project success in meeting your design and schedule goals.

Structural Evaluation

When dealing with seismic and structural design challenges, trust Storage Systems USA. Time and time again, clients rely on our expertise to meet and even exceed their structural and economic requirements, whatever the project.

File Conversion

If you value your records (and who doesn’t), then trust them to no one but Storage Systems USA. Only Storage Systems USA will give your files the time, attention, and expertise needed to successfully transfer them from one location to another.

Should you need a new filing system, Storage Systems USA is the one to call. We will evaluate your needs and keep what is working in your current system and fix what is not. We can even refile all your documents as per the new system and provide training to your employees.

Relocation Services

If you are moving and planning to take what you already have with you, let Storage Systems USA help. We can do all the packing, moving, and re-installation for you. We can even help you determine the best location for your existing equipment in your new location. Relocation is just another service we offer at Storage Systems USA.

Service Agreement

Our dedication to leadership in the high-density storage industry is our commitment to you. Even with our equipment dependability and performance, the manufacturer Storage Systems USA, recommends you maintain the integrity of your Storage Systems USA with a comprehensive Extended Warranty Agreement (EWA). Our field technicians undergo an intensive product-line training process that qualifies them to work on the smallest to the largest of systems. With a suggested minimum of two extended warranty service calls a year, your equipment will maintain its reliability.

Database Development

Bring your records system to the next level with a customized database developed by Storage Systems USA. We will inventory your entire file system and program an easy-to-operate database system to meet your specific needs.

Barcode/RFID Tracking

Finally, a system that helps you manage your files from creation to destruction! Storage Systems USA can provide you with this fully automated system that utilizes barcodes and customized software. You can create custom reports, such as wait lists and files to be retrieved. Storage Systems USA can also implement this system for you, as well as train your employees on its usage. Contact Storage Systems USA to see how this record storage and management system can best benefit you.