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Safe storage refers to storing firearms and ammunition to minimize the risk of jeopardizing public safety because of unauthorized or accidental access to these items. For many years, military and law enforcement agencies have trusted Storage Systems USA to provide weapons storage solutions that guarantee proper accessibility, security, and accountability.

We at Storage Systems USA have a full line of military storage solutions designed and ammunition storage cabinets to streamline and facilitate your processes and make the most of the limited storage space in armories and garrisons.

With storage solutions for military gear and equipment from Storage Systems USA, armories can be assured that weapons, optics, ammunition, radio, and other high-security items, are always ready, protected, and securely stored. Our assurance is built on trust proven through decades of military success.

If you are looking for property and evidence, casefile, firearms, or mailroom storage Storage Systems USA has what you are looking for! We have completed countless installations for justice or law enforcement agencies. Following are our most popular storage systems:

Mobilex® High-Density Storage System

With Mobilex® High-Density Storage System, you can ensure that various weapons, from pistols to long guns, are kept secured and intact and with limited accessibility, even in the most cramped and narrow of spaces like military garrisons.

Available in mechanical and electrical operation, our signature high-density mobile ammo storage cabinet allows you to customize your shelving while optimizing your space and equipment capacity.

For storage environments where military equipment is frequently stored and retrieved, such as in busy armory wards, opt for an electrical Mobilex® system for greater convenience. If the firearms and ammo cabinet don’t have to be accessed often, a mechanical Mobilex® is an excellent alternative.

Since they are highly flexible, Mobilex® High-Density Storage System can provide ammunition storage cabinets almost anywhere and incorporate material of any shape and size. In addition, its unique mechanism enables you to move multiple carriages at once effortlessly.

Whether mechanical or electrical, you can customize your mobile shelving system through our wide selection of optional safety, security, design, and aesthetic features. Make innovative use of your garrison’s limited space and open up infinite storage possibilities today.

SafeAisle® High-Density Storage System

SafeAisle is the leading option for ammunition storage solutions if safety is your number-one concern. SafeAisle® is equipped with detection cameras that monitor the entire floor area of an open aisle. Its 100% coverage ensures no missed corners, making it a preferable and more secure choice over many other systems that overlook certain areas.

In addition, its built-in security features automatically prevent the powered mobile storage system from being moved whenever a person or an object—regardless of size—is in the aisle. It significantly lessens the risk of personal injury or property damage.

SafeAisle® utilizes the cutting-edge LED Guard Technology infused with the benefits of the flexibility of Mobilex® so you can maintain the most efficient use of your storage area with enhanced security. With this high-density powered mobile storage system, you are guaranteed your equipment’s safety and get the most out of your ammunition storage cabinet and space.


Shelving should be a solution, not a problem, especially for equipment like firearms and ammunition. It should adapt to your needs with utmost flexibility and efficiency – precisely what SmartShelf® can do!

With its four-post hybrid system, this open-ended shelving solution can be configured in countless ways and customized to hold various objects like military equipment, firearms, ammunition, and more. The hybrid four-post system allows two kinds of shelving simultaneously: 16-inch back-to-back shelving separated by a central divider or 32-inch full-depth shelves.

While most shelves are limited objects of similar kinds, SmartShelf®’s structure broadens your storage horizons. Unlike traditional shelving solutions, SmartShelf® is versatile enough to handle different sizes and shapes within the same shelving system and allows you to mix and match configurations.

The SmartShelf® is a one-shelf-fits-all solution for various storage needs. You can also use all sorts of handy permutations, such as hooks and supports, drawers and covers for added security. You can also easily adjust your shelves’ height to suit items of varying sizes.

Trust Storage Systems USA For Your Military Storage And Shelving System Needs!

When troops head to battle, their rifles must perform as expected. For that reason, there is no room for damage or the possibility of future malfunction or theft when a weapon is stored.

Choosing and installing suitable ammunition storage cabinets have always been a challenge for most public safety officers, whether you are part of the police department, military, federal government, or any other law enforcement agency. Storage for high-value and hazardous items like firearms and ammunition requires heavy security, minimal access, and flexibility to suit the changing needs and storage spaces. You can trust that Storage Systems USA can help you with this!

Our storage products are manufactured with USA-made heavy-duty steel. They are widely utilized by the U.S. military, law enforcement agencies, and even by museums that need to store vintage weapon collections.

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