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Storage is one of the most essential purchases in most government IT budgets. It is crucial in securing government agency files, records, and archives. It also aids in the security of weapons, evidence, and the personal property of officers. Moreover, high-performance shelving and storing systems are gradually entering the market due to the continuous development of storage products and processes.

We at Storage Systems USA specialize in the regulatory requirements that most government implementations must follow. We are also highly particular about the budgetary restrictions imposed on initiatives and can provide exceptional products and services at a competitive value.

Government Storage Solutions From Storage Systems USA

At Storage Systems USA, we provide customers with everything they require for property and evidence, government case files, and records. We have developed extensive installations and solutions, including the following:

High-Density Mobile Storage Systems

Users can store more in less space with high-density storage systems. Because of the flexibility of our systems, our customers can:

  • Build storage almost anywhere
  • Include materials of any shape and size
  • Improve efficiency
  • Easily reconfigure the system to your changing needs
  • Restrict access and prevent theft
  • Provide unlimited colors and finishes to coordinate with interior finishes

Mobilex® High-Density Mobile System

Mobilex® is the perfect high-density mobile shelving system for any government and public safety setting, ensuring maximum versatility and functionality.

This storage system has mechanical and electrical mechanisms and movable functionality, allowing shelving customization while optimizing capacity. Furthermore, it provides limitless storage options for government files — such as archives and office supplies, records and evidence, film canisters and videotape, tools and parts, and many others. Lastly, its unique feature makes it possible to conveniently move multiple carriages simultaneously.

Shelving System

Storage Systems USA offers a variety of shelving systems for multiple applications. These solutions provide the following advantages:

  • Easy access and visibility to all media types
  • Versatility in handling handle different sizes and shapes all within the same shelving system
  • Quick assembly and expandability
  • Maximum stability
  • Proven success in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, libraries, museums, and government

SmartShelf® 4-Post Hybrid Shelving

The SmartShelf® is a one-shelf-fits-all solution for a broad assortment of storage requirements.

With its four-post hybrid system, this open-ended shelving solution can be arranged in countless ways and modified to hold different government items and files. The hybrid system also supports two types of shelving at the same time: 16-inch back-to-back shelving separated by a central divider and 32-inch full-depth shelves.

The SmartShelf® structure expands storage possibilities, unlike most shelves that are limited to similar items. Moreover, it is flexible enough to effectively manage different sizes and shapes within the same shelving system and allows for configuration mixing and matching.

Choose Storage Systems USA for Government Storage Solutions

You can rely on Storage Systems USA to meet your government storage solutions and shelving needs! All necessary items and files are always ready, protected, and securely stored, as our assurance is founded on the trust established over decades of storing and shelving knowledge and expertise. We also ensure that our selection incorporates a diverse range of durable and high-quality Montel products.

Design professionals and customers are encouraged to visit our facility to learn about the many innovative, cost-effective, and functional solutions available for government applications! In addition, we cater to customers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Our storage solution experts are available to answer any questions you may have! Contact us today to learn more about our storage systems or to schedule a free consultation.