High Density Cultivation Systems

We at Storage Systems USA recognize that growing plants and crops can take up a lot of space and time. For greenhouses, grow rooms, grow plants, and hydroponic and vertical farm owners, our storage solution experts have curated the best storage systems just for you!

Our highly customizable systems will allow you to double your growing capacity, maximize your profits, and provide you with the highest production rates in the industry.

Storage Systems USA is proud to introduce GREENRAK™ High-Density Growing System by Montel Inc.

GREENRAK™ High-Density Growing System

After many years of designing storage applications for various industries, including agriculture, Montel has developed cultivation products to help maximize your grow space, improve operation efficiency, increase harvest yield, and grow your profits.

Drop the need for multiple static aisles that waste space and maximize the total potential of your cultivation space with GREENRAK™ high-density growing solutions.

GREENRAK™ Mechanical-Assist Mobile Vertical Grow Rack System

Take your indoor farming operation to new heights with GREENRAK™ Mechanical-Assist Mobile Vertical Grow Rack System! This storage solution is developed specifically for indoor setup, and it is lightweight, rust-resistant, and easy to install, use and maintain.

This storage solution uses small or large SafeCrank™ – ergonomic mechanical-assist handles that are easy to operate. You can mobilize shelving units without effort by simply pressing the aisle safety push button that locks the system in position.

Primary Specifications:

  • Load Capacity: 2,400 lb per section and 18,000 lb per mobile carriage
  • Rack Depth: 36″ in, 42″ in, 48″ in
  • Rack Length: Up to 50′ ft long, mechanical-assist
  • Maximum Carriage Length (Nominal): Up to 56′ ft
  • Maximum Carriage Length (Actual): Up to 57′ ft

Other Featured System

The beauty of Montel’s product range is it offers systems versatile enough to handle anything you need to store within your farming environment. Storage Solutions USA is happy to share another excellent product compatible with GREENRAK™:

GROW&ROLL™ 8MA/8P Heavy-Duty Mechanical-Assist Mobile Vertical Grow Rack System

This storage solution system is the heavy-duty version of GREENRAK™ and can withstand a weight of 8,000 lbs per bay. Like GREENRAK™, GROW&ROLL™ is operated with Montel’s SafeCrank™ technology, which allows you to open up aisles easily and access your plants efficiently.

Primary Specifications:

  • Systems Options: Mechanical-Assist (GROW&ROLL™ 8MA) or Powered (GROW&ROLL™ 8P)
  • Load Capacity: 8,000 lb per section and 24,000 lb per mobile carriage.
  • Rack Depth: 36″ in, 42″ in, 48″ in
  • Rack Length: Up to 50′ ft long per mechanical-assist carriage (8MA) and up to 100′ ft long powered electrical (8P)
  • Maximum Carriage Length (Actual): Up to 64′ ft
  • Maximum Carriage Length (Nominal): Up to 66′ ft

Grow More In Less Space With Storage Systems USA

Storage Systems USA has partnered with Montel Inc. to bring you the industry’s most innovative storage products. Our high-density cultivation systems are customizable and can obtain the most efficient solutions for your growing operation.

Whether you want to increase your growing or cultivation capacity, free up a room to make space for your operation, or save bucks from paying for extra space, Storage Systems USA is here to assist your vertical farming needs!

✔ Discover new square footage you didn’t know you had.

✔ Obtain 50% more room for your growing operation.

✔ Benefit from static units that are mounted on mobile carriages.

✔ Enjoy the convenience of mobile carriages that travel on tracks.

✔ Effortlessly operate your systems with a simple push of a button.

✔ Maximize your space and expand your growing/cultivation business.

Ready To Optimize Your Greenhouse, Grow Room, Or Vertical Farm?

Grow anything from leafy greens, spices, crops, and cannabis. Add drying racks, trays, built-in ventilation and irrigation systems, energy-efficient lighting, and more! Storage Systems USA’s team of space-saving experts is here for you to provide everything you need for successful vertical farming. Talk to us anytime, and we will be happy to assist you.