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No matter what industry we serve, having a suitable storage system for products, equipment, or production components is essential. For industrial use, proper storage allows for better inventory control and protection, preserves valuable work floor space, maintains organized operation, and ensures safety in the workplace.

Here at Storage Systems USA, we offer the proper storage for any situation that demands a perfect solution for storing goods, records, warehouse equipment, and many more. We provide an organized, secure, and easy-to-use storage environment for your industrial needs.

For storage solutions that work as hard as you, turn to Storage Systems USA for the best storage solutions! Our industrial storage systems include SAFERAK® industrial mobile powered racking, RACK&ROLL® high-density mobile storage system, and Hänel® vertical carousels and lifts.

SAFERAK® Industrial Powered Racking

The SAFERAK® 32 is a powered mobile pallet racking system specifically designed for industrial environments. This movable racking and storage solution allows you to transfer your warehouse racking to heavy-duty industrial mobile carriages and create over 50% more space in the warehouse.

This high-capacity, high-performance storage solution can be customized to compact your racking and eliminates wasteful aisle space. Thus, securing a more streamlined workflow, increased storage capacities, organized inventory management, better-configured floor space, and most importantly, lower operational and production costs.

SAFERAK® 32 prevents the need for manufacturers from going through costly and inefficient methods of conventional fixed-aisle warehouse racking, which require buying, building, or renting additional space.

Other features and benefits of SAFERAK® 32 include:

  • 32,000 lbs (14,515 kg) capacity per double rack section
  • 100 ft (30.5 m) maximum carriage length
  • User-friendly installation and operation
  • Safety features compliant with the most stringent regulations
  • Eco-friendly – Reduces warehousing’s energy consumption and environmental impact, as it contributes to a more sustainable workspace.

RACK&ROLL® High-Density Mobile System

RACK&ROLL® 16 is a mechanical mobile racking system explicitly developed for warehouses. This powered movable racking system provides advantages, functions, and capabilities like SAFERAK® 60. The only difference is its specifications:

  • 16,000 lbs (7,257 kg) of capacity per double rack section
  • 45 ft (13.7 m) maximum carriage length
  • Large selection of accessories

Like SAFERACK® 60, RACK&ROLL® 16 is also customizable, eco-friendly, safe to operate, easy to install, and can free up to 50% storage space in your warehouse. It enhances efficiency and productivity by optimizing storage systems and increasing storage capacity to create more room for production and other activities.

Furthermore, RACK&ROLL® 16 saves time and money by enabling manufacturers to get the most out of their industrial warehousing storage system.

Hänel® Vertical Carousels & Lifts

Storage Systems USA proudly presents the Hanel® storage systems featuring vertical carousel and lift technology. These high-tech systems for storage organization and materials handling can tremendously save time, storage space, and costs and enable a much more efficient workflow. Hänel® featured storage systems include:

Hänel Lean-Lift® Industrial Vertical Lift

This innovative industrial storage solution offers a first-class, high-tech system that uses available room height as storage to save 60% more space in the warehouse. The vertical storage orientation house parts and items in height-optimized positions so that no space is lost and storage capacity is maximized.

The vertical lift technology can automatically bring the needed stored items in a matter of seconds and can be retrieved at the optimum ergonomic height. It radically reduces access time and improves order-picking performance.

The state-of-the-art Hänel® microprocessor controllers can serve as stand-alone inventory management or customers’ data processing system, ensuring that the inventory overview and records are always up-to-date.

Hänel Rotomat® Vertical Carousels

Hänel Rotomat® features two types of vertical storage carousels: Hänel Rotomat® Office Vertical Carousel and Hänel Rotomat® Industrial Vertical Carousel. 

These storage solutions bring the same advantages, functions, and capabilities as the vertical lift system; the only difference is their design inspiration. Think of the vertical lift as an elevator and the carousel as a Ferris wheel. The vertical office carousel design is a smaller version of the industrial carousel type. Both storage systems use available room height as storage.

Hänel Rotomat® vertical carousels are excellent options for efficient space management, great organization of items, and ease of use. They bring any requested parts or items to an ergonomic retrieval access point, making it very convenient, time and space-saving, and, more importantly, cost-efficient.

Optimize Your Warehouse & Industrial Storage Space With Storage Systems USA!

We’re here to give you precisely what you need to get the best storage solutions. We at Storage Systems USA will help you store more in less space using our mobile storage solutions and innovative storage systems. Our storage solutions experts are here to help you every step of the way to find the best storage systems for your industry needs.

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