High Density Mobile Storage Systems

A professional environment requires functional and versatile storage solutions to enhance organization, storage accessibility, and workspace efficiency. At Storage Systems USA, we provide state-of-the-art high density mobile shelving and storage solutions from Montel. These are designed to meet different industries’ demands and their particular applications.

Remarkably flexible storage solutions with incredible features

Storage Systems USA offers meticulously crafted high density mobile shelving units from Montel. These consist of the following features:

  • Create storage anywhere
  • Optimize capacity with space-saving features
  • Reconfigure based on your changing needs
  • Prevent theft while limiting access
  • Coordinate with interior finishes by choosing from a variety of colors

Complete range of Montel's High Density Shelving and Storage solutions

Choose your high density shelving system from the following Montel range:

Mobilex® High Density Mobile System

Montel Mobilex Safeties SafeCrank Mechanical Safety Brake NYPL

Mobilex is a high density shelving system that evolves with your unique storage needs. As Montel’s signature mobile high density shelving system, it allows users to reconfigure their storage while optimizing space. You can choose between mechanical and electrical models, depending on your needs.

Choose the mechanical model and use it as high density museum storage or for other areas that don’t require frequent access, such as archives. Meanwhile, electrical is well suited for items retrieved or shelved often, such as a high density pharmacy shelving or other medical applications.

SafeAisle® High Density Mobile System

SafeAisle® Powered Mobile Storage - Short Version

SafeAisle guarantees your safety without compromising your storage solution. It employs the LED Guard Technology™, equipped with detection cameras with 100% coverage for an entire floor surface of an open aisle. It can be used as a high density library shelving system that prevents the mobile storage system from moving with built-in safeguards if an object or person is in sight.

It also has the following benefits and features:

  • Incorporates the unique features of Mobilex
  • Cuts down the risk of injury or property damage
  • Number one choice if safety is a priority

SAFERAK® Industrial Powered Racking

Mobile Racking by Montel Almost Triples Warehouse's Storage for Zenith Aviation

SAFERAK 60 is developed for industrial applications where users can create more floor space for production. It’s a high-performance and high-capacity solution that can free up to 50% of your storage area, eliminating wasteful aisle space and making it easy to move and access heavy loads. 

RACK&ROLL® High Density Mobile System

RACK&ROLL 16 is a mechanical mobile racking system made for warehouses. Like SAFERAK 60, it can also eliminate up to 50% of your storage area by compacting aisle space. Additionally, its powered racking system provides maximum accessibility while opening more space.

SmartSpace® High Density Mobile System

Practicality and cost-effectiveness are two primary components found in SmartSpace Plus. This design is applicable for light-duty applications but is made to solve your daily storage struggles. Although designed for lighter storage applications, it can still withstand up to 2,000 lb. (907 kg) per shelving bay. Additionally, this design can optimize space utilization to minimize space and allocation expenses.

SmartSpace Plus is also made to accommodate three of Montel’s shelving systems, namely:

  • SmartShelf
  • 4D Wide Span
  • Cabinet style case type

Montel mobile shelving trains Sports Experts to be a retail storage champion

Optimize space and solve storage issues with high-density mobile shelving.

Choose a storage solution that’s more efficient and organized with Storage Systems USA’s extensive selection of high-density mobile shelving from Montel. Whether you need a system for industrial, warehouse, library, pharmacy, or museum applications, we have many options you can choose from.

If you want to improve your current storage area, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our experts will help you find the best high-density mobile shelving storage option, depending on your needs and requirements.