Use modern and highly functional storage solutions to maximize your space. Elevate the features of your workplace environment while maintaining organization and productivity.

At Storage Systems USA, we have storage and shelving systems for every application, fulfilling your exact specifications and performance requirements.

Storage Solutions from the Experts

Storage Systems USA has a team of experts who design and develop unique storage options for numerous industries. From industrial shelving systems to lockers for light-duty applications, our product offerings will address any of your storage needs. They’re flexible, giving you more control as you free your space from clutter.

Our Products

Our product range is designed to keep up with your environment. These optimize space and improve your workspace, boosting your bottom line and streamlining operations. We’re also a Montel-authorized distributor, providing more excellent storage and shelving options.

High Density Mobile Storage Systems

These flexible storage systems from Montel are developed to be set up almost anywhere. Reconfigure them at any time according to your changing needs to increase efficiency and limit access or theft.

High Density Mobile Storage Systems Products:

  • Mobilex® High Density Mobile System
  • SafeAisle® High Density Mobile System
  • SAFERAK® Industrial Powered Racking
  • RACK&ROLL® High Density Mobile System
  • SmartSpace® High Density Mobile System

Vertical Carousels & Lifts

The Hanel Vertical Lean-Lift and Carousel systems are currently the only systems providing efficient storage and goods protection. These industrial storage solutions use computerized lifts to retrieve goods from all storage places in an ergonomically friendly way.

Hanel Vertical Lean-Lift and Carousel Products:

  • Hanel Lean-Lift® Industrial Vertical Lift
  • Hanel Rotomat® Industrial Vertical Carousel
  • Hanel Rotomat® Office Vertical Carousel

Museum Storage & Art Racks

House priceless artifacts and works of art with our museum storage solutions. We have a broad range of products designed for libraries, museums, archives, botanical gardens, and more. Protect your growing collection and ensure they’re safe with these products.

Museum Storage & Art Racks Products:

  • ModulArt Storage Panels Kit
  • Pull-Out Art Rack
  • Mobile Storage Panel Systems
  • Textile & Artifact Storage

Law Enforcement Lockers

Storage Systems USA is well-versed in the various needs of Law Enforcement and Police regarding lockers. Our industrial storage lockers are designed to facilitate an efficient working environment, especially in highly stressful and demanding settings where security is imperative.

Law Enforcement Lockers:

  • Evidence Lockers
  • Wardrobe Lockers
  • Wall Mounted Pistol Lockers
  • Duty Bag Lockers
  • Visitor Lockers


Our range of shelving systems are easy to assemble, easily accessible, offer maximum stability, and are tested and proven in multiple settings. These are used in numerous applications and industries, such as libraries or warehouse storage systems

Shelving Products:

  • SmartShelf® 4-Post Hybrid Shelving
  • Aetnastak® Cantilever Shelving
  • Library Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Hybria® 4-Post Shelving
  • High-Bay Shelving Off-Site Storage

High Density Cultivation Systems

Montel developed high-density shelving for cultivating applications, supporting the agriculture industry. These storage solutions meet the industry’s demanding crop and plant storage needs, which take up a lot of space over time. These systems are customizable and ergonomic, ensuring you yield the best results in a highly efficient setting.

High Density Cultivation Products:

  • GREENRAK™ High-Density Growing System
  • GREENRAK™ Mechanical-Assist Mobile Vertical Grow Rack System
  • GROW&ROLL™ 8MA/8P Heavy-Duty Mechanical-Assist Mobile Vertical Grow Rack System

Shelving & Storage Solutions

Storage Systems USA has chosen the best name in storage to fulfill the needs of our customers. We make certain that our selection includes a wide range of Montel products from which to choose.

Montel Authorized Distributor

Choose Storage Systems USA to Fulfill Your Growing Storage Needs

Our quality and extensive products will help you make the most of your space while providing a safe and organized environment. Equipped with reliable storage systems from Storage Systems USA and Montel, we can provide a solution for a particular application.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our products and services. Our team is ready to assist you in picking the most suitable storage system for your needs.


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AIA Continuting Education

Storage Systems USA offers AIA/CES approved courses on Storage Solutions.

Our continuting education program helps architects meet their continued education requirements by attending presentations delivered by our Storage Solution Experts. All of our presentations have been accredited by the American Insititue of Architects (AIA). Contact us now to set up your Lunch and Learn appointment!