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Museum Storage & Art Storage Systems, Racking Systems

Museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, collections, archives, and zoos all have one thing in common: the amount of things they have to store is growing, but the amount of space they have is not. The solution is to contact Storage Systems USA. We offer the highest quality storage systems that are specifically designed for Racking Systems, Museum Storage, Art Storage Systems and to house priceless treasures.


A unique collections care storage system specifically designed to provide innovative solutions for storage of art collections, ModulArt by Montel is a concept based on a stand-alone structure consisting of 6 retractable panels providing a 576 sq. ft hanging surface.

  • Freestanding Unit
  • Expandable
  • Modular
  • Versatile
  • High Quality


With no need for rails or false floors, the ModulArt concept of this space management breakthrough ensures easy integration of additional ModulArt units. The ability to expand in 3 directions greatly adds to its flexibility for storing growing collections.

ModulArt is designed to ensure that installation and layout reconfiguration will be quick and easy.

Side panels can be provided when additional storage surface is needed. To meet maximum storage needs, it is possible to increase ModulArt’s capacity by attaching 5 additional sliding panels, thereby increasing storage capacity up to 1056 sq.ft.

A few of the accessories offered include decorative finishing panels, top platforms and locking devices to secure your valuable collection. ModulArt’s remarkable features make it a perfect addition to Museums and Art Galleries.