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Every organization has unique storage needs that evolve over time—and they need storage systems that can keep up with them. With Mobilex, you can be sure your system can handle whatever you’ve got. Available with both mechanical and electrical mechanisms, Montel’s signature high-density movable storage system gives you the flexibility to customize your shelving while optimizing your capacity.

Whatever your industry, and whatever you need to find space for, Mobilex will make the most of your shelving capacity. The storage possibilities are endless: archives and office supplies; specimens and artifacts; records and evidence; sporting equipment; film cans and video tape; medical documents; tools and parts; and much, much more. And its unique mechanism enables you to effortlessly move multiple carriages at once.

Mechanical and electrical models are available, depending on what best suits your situation. For storage environments where items need to be shelved and retrieved frequently, such as busy hospital record centers, opt for an electrical Mobilex system for greater convenience. If materials don’t need to be accessed often, such as in a museum storage area, a mechanical Mobilex is a great alternative.

Whether mechanical or electrical, this cost-effective, high-density, movable storage solution is designed to accommodate various leading-edge Montel shelving products. A wide range of accessories is also available: reference shelves, multimedia drawers, hanging files and more. Further customize your mobile shelving system via our broad selection of optional safety, security, design and aesthetic features.

Maximizing versatility and functionality, Mobilex is the ideal high-density mobile shelving system for any business or institutional setting. Make intelligent use of your space and open up infinite storage possibilities today.


With high-density powered mobile storage systems, getting the most out of your space is a key consideration—but guaranteeing safety is also a must. SafeAisle will put your mind at ease on both counts. Its LED Guard Technology™ and other measures are aimed at providing the utmost in storage security.

Here’s how it works: SafeAisle is equipped with detection cameras that monitor the entire floor surface of an open aisle, unlike many other systems, which overlook certain areas. This 100% coverage ensures there are no missed corners. Whenever a person or an object—no matter how big or small—is in the aisle, built-in safeguards automatically prevent the powered mobile storage system from being moved. This cuts down on the risk of personal injury or property damage.

While the revolutionary LED Guard Technology raises the bar for high-density powered mobile storage system safety, SafeAisle also gives you the benefits of Montel’s Mobilex: i.e., much more intelligent use of your storage area than you can get from regular filing and stationary shelving systems. SafeAisleis the number-one option when safety is your number-one concern.

Cold Storage SAFERAK

Save time and lower costs by getting the most out of your industrial warehousing. SAFERAK 60 is a powered mobile pallet racking system that’s designed to enhance efficiency and productivity by optimizing your storage.

Developed specifically for industrial environments, SAFERAK 60 allows you to increase your capacity or create more room for production and other activities. This high-capacity, high-performance solution can free up over 50% of your existing storage area by compacting your racking and eliminating wasteful aisle space.

Due to their inefficiency, conventional fixed-aisle storage solutions may require you to buy, build or rent additional space. SAFERAK 60’s powered movable racking system, on the other hand, helps prevent the need for these costly measures. It opens up more space by transferring your racking to heavy-duty industrial mobile carriages.

With SAFERAK 60, there’s a rapid return on your investment. The powered mobile racking pallet system enables you to lower production costs, streamline workflow and improve inventory management by consolidating the organization of your materials and reconfiguring your floor space. What’s more, it can be customized to suit the needs of your industry.

SAFERAK 60 offers 60,000 lbs (27,215 kg) of capacity per double rack section, with a maximum carriage length of 120 feet (36.6 meters). It’s also eco-friendly, since it contributes to a more sustainable workspace by reducing your warehousing’s energy consumption and environmental impact. A host of standard and optional safety features ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations, while installation and operation are user-friendly.

The bottom line is that with SAFERAK 60, you can be confident you are making the most of your industrial warehouse storage. This movable, powered pallet racking solution offers far greater efficiency and productivity than conventional storage systems.