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Look at the variety of storage solutions we offer!

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tiffin Tiffin
The unique storage requirements of Law Enforcement are not unique to Storage Systems USA. The personnel, evidence, and weapons storage systems that we offer have been proven effective in countless installations. Our cost-effective and user-friendly solutions provide a professional and efficient work environment. In addition to the personnel lockers shown above, Tiffin Metal Products offers Sidearm/Pistol lockers, Key Operated, Hasp, Coin Operated revenue producing pistol lockers, and Coin Operated revenue producing Visitor Lockers. We have used Tiffin in a number of applications including police departments, military bases, and detention centers.
hanel Hanel
The Hanel Lean Lift is an incredible storage system that will save you space and time. It takes advantage of the available room height and organizes materials in a way that enable an efficient workflow. The Lean Lift and Rotomat are two very popular products Hanel has to offer. The Rotomat is commonly used inside offices or pharmacys because it can accomadate both files and bins. The Lean lift is often used in warehouse applications and in tall buildings, allowing a large quanity of materials to be stored.
neocase Neocase
We can provide casework such as wall cabinets, base cabinets, mail sorters, and laboratory chases. The construction options include laminate, steel, stainless steel and plexiglass doors. The adjustable shelves and wide span of available dimensions makes this a flexible and versatile product. Neocase provides casework for various applications such as healthcare, laboratory, commercial, and education. Whether it be cabinets above a worksurface or mailsorters in an office, neocase offers the perfect storage solution.
steel-solutions Steel Solutions
Modular casework products represent the finest quality and value in medical furnishings. Made in laminate, powder-coated steel, and stainless steel, casework can be moved, changed, and reconfigured to meet ever-expanding needs. Storage Systems USA’s years of experience in medical environments assures that unique challenges are no match for their design and craftsmanship. Steel Solutions offers a numbers of cabinet options including base and wall cabinets, sink cabinets, worktops, backsplashes, and tall cabinets. This product is ideal in labs, hospitals, and doctors offices.

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